About me

Marcelo Brasileiro generalist

Me, a generalist

I'm a Brazilian designer who has a wide range of interests. I call myself a generalist because I am no expert at any given area, but I can move between them with relative ease. Nevertheless, I have more experience with graphic and web design, frontend only. I enjoy working in complex projects, and I work very well in teams.

Marcelo Brasileiro designer

Me, a designer

I think a design project should always be conceived as a system and offer real value to the client. Good design prioritizes user needs and business strategies. I actually wrote a Medium article on that subject that exposes my considerations very clearly. You can read it here, if you want.

Marcelo Brasileiro christian

Me, a christian

You could always expect me to be pushing myself to my best at projects, because ever since I was a child, I learnt I should do everything as if it was to God himself. I am proud of my values, and yet respectful and tolerant with different worldviews.